About Us

Farscape is a people development consultancy with a clear focus – to enhance leadership effectiveness and deliver lasting behavioural change within the organisations we work with.

So whether you’re facing significant organisational or cultural change, or just need leaders to do things differently, we’re experts in helping your leaders to make this happen through our range of imaginative and challenging programmes. And your leaders aren’t just the people at the top of the organisation – they can be anyone from first time leaders, to thought leaders, to middle managers, through to senior leaders and Exec teams – they’re all human and they will all need the support to be effective, whatever their level.

We know that significant behavioural shifts happen when leaders are open to exploring the potential for change, are challenged to think differently, and have an experience which leads to the genuine development of new thinking and behaviours. Our rigorous approach, backed up by leading academic and scientific thinking and a painstaking attention to detail are what helps us to deliver the ROI that our clients are looking for.

We have built our reputation as a consultancy that helps people to deliver better results in the businesses they work in by creating the inspiration and momentum for behavioural change.

Find out more about what we do, how we achieve results and why we do what we do.