What we do

We’re a people development consultancy dedicated to delivering lasting behavioural change within the organisations we work with.

Our expertise lies in helping you to identify the specific outcomes that you need to deliver and how they can then be measured. That’s before presenting our recommendations.

Whether your needs are driven from the desire to develop your leaders, or from an issue that needs resolution, programme design is at the heart of everything we do.

And if you’re unclear of what’s needed? We’ll recommend starting with a rigorous training needs analysis.  You can read more about our TNAs here.

Once we’ve helped you to define your requirements we then invest in a robust design process to create your development programme, which will involve the appropriate experts in our team and will be in close partnership with you. Depending on the programme, delivery can take anything from one day to 12 months or even longer and can be in the UK or overseas. Throughout this time we review regularly against the outcomes that were defined so that the programme continues to evolve and respond to the changing needs of the delegates and your organisation.

And for us, a programme doesn’t begin and end when the facilitator arrives and leaves. From before the programme begins, to long after it has ended, we will support your leaders in their learning. From ensuring that they fully buy in to the programme from the outset, to checking that they are continually revisiting their learning during the process, to rigorously following up after the final module, we do all we can to help your leaders embed what they have learned.

And we don’t just deliver programmes for groups of people. We have a team of very experienced, talented coaches who can help individuals to reach their full potential. Read more about our coaching here.

At the end of the process we won’t shy away from measuring return on investment.  Through thorough follow up and analysis, we will show the impact that your programme has had and will be likely to have in the future.