Development Programmes

Our programmes – designed from the ground up to meet the objectives we’ve agreed with our clients. To meet their goals and aspirations. Not ours.

What we deliver will depend on whom we are delivering to and what required outcomes have been defined during the Training Needs Analysis. We can also deliver a standalone Training Needs Analysis to help you understand what requirements there are within your organisation.

We work with individuals, teams and groups across organisations, from senior leadership and Exec teams through to graduates and aspiring leaders. The content, structure and style of the programme will be specifically created for the people we are working with.

Programmes can last from one day to 12 months, or longer, and may incorporate individual and team coaching, as well as challenging and imaginative development experiences both indoors and outdoors, in the UK and overseas. We also offer one-to-one coaching for individuals who are not taking part in a wider programme and who want to focus on their own development.

Programmes can be focused on a specific topic or issue, such as unconscious bias, performance management, building effective relationships or communication, or can be broader, focusing on the development of effective and inspirational leaders.

Here are some examples of the types of programmes we’ve delivered for our clients recently:

  • Senior leadership impact and effectiveness – St Modwen
  • Creative performance management for leaders – Bond Dickinson
  • Leading diversity and inclusion – Babcock International
  • Developing leadership potential – Allianz Insurance
  • Senior leadership behavioural awareness – Doosan Babcock
  • Vulnerability and compassionate leadership – The Nielsen Company
  • An introduction to conscious leadership – Rentokil
  • Senior leadership team effectiveness – ASE Global