Overseas Learning

Farscape’s Overseas Learning Experience is a unique programme combining rigorous coaching with a challenging overseas expedition experience, which gives people the chance to practice new skills when they’re under pressure, recognise positive and negative behaviours and receive constructive feedback.

Whether you’re part of a large global corporation; a UK based corporate or a small to medium sized business, Farscape’s pioneering Overseas Learning Experience is all about taking you or your people out of their comfort zones into challenging situations where decisions have real and immediate consequences. And because it’s an emotional and powerful experience, people make personal commitments to change that they often don’t make when it’s all done in a classroom.

We run scheduled, open programmes for individuals from different organisations and create bespoke experiences for companies who want to invest in a team or group of people.


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Morocco Overseas Experience

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18 – 25 March 2017

Morocco is a truly vibrant, diverse and inspirational country. The purpose of this journey is to give you the space and time to reflect on your own behaviours and leadership style. The mountain will provide the inspirational backdrop for your learning journey and will help you to understand how you behave in a challenging environment.

For more information please download our information pack or contact Ruth at r.moody@farscapedevelopment.co.uk or call 0117 370 1801


Download the Information Pack (pdf)