E-learning doesn’t work

human-vs-robotI was on the tube this morning. No eye contact, no smiles – just glazed eyes staring at digital displays. I love my iPad and my iPhone – I love the accessibility … Read more

The art and joy of listening in L&D

ListeningA huge proportion of my job – working in business development – is listening. It’s a well-known, powerful tool that is often underutilised. But get it right and it will open many … Read more

Great leadership is about not being afraid to challenge

Man on top of mountain.I love a challenge – I will often choose to take the more difficult route because I know I get bored if things are too easy. Take my … Read more

Vulnerability is good?!

vulnerabilityBeing new to the Farscape team has been the learning curve that I have been craving for a while. Ruth and the team have been so warm and considerate at a time … Read more

What does authentic leadership mean to you?

Self-awarenessFor me, authentic leadership is about being self-aware and true to who you are and what you believe in.
It’s easy for leaders to fall into the trap of wanting to lead exactly like their idols – but often this doesn’t fit with … Read more

The challenges of time & budget on L&D…

L&D Professionals will, more ofteTime and budget L&Dn than not, feel constrained by time and budgets…
However, if these challenges weren’t present,  if you had as much money as you wanted and you had all the time in the world to put programmes together, it … Read more

How engaged are your people with your company values?

Engagement, values and decision makingHow many times have you dealt with companies whose ‘Company Values’ are all about great customer service, only to receive poor customer service? Or whose values are around creating a great place to work, only to find that … Read more

Farscape Weekend takes us to new heights!

team photo for blog 3rd May
We’re all for experiential learning so when, as a team, we had the opportunity to get away from urban life for two days in the higher reaches of North Wales to Snowdonia – we gathered our gear and jumped at … Read more

‘Can we clone her?’ What makes an engaging facilitator

Cloning and engagement At Farscape we recently ran a Women’s Networking event for a large law firm. The event was something completely new for the firm – they had responded to the latest research showing that despite high percentages of female law … Read more

How important is HR?

HR Learnign and DevelopmentHR departments get a hard time. A recent report from the CIPD states that there is a gap between how much business leaders think that HR is integral to business strategy and how much HR thinks that they are.
This … Read more

Respect – the cornerstone of great leadership

Respect and leadershipRespect is a vital part of building any successful relationship. Whether it’s having respect for other people’s values and beliefs or being respectful when others speak by making sure that you listen to them. Without respect you cannot hope to … Read more

Engagement levels dropping? Do not underestimate the power of personal contact

EngagementI’ve had a very frustrating week this week and it’s all down to a lack of communication. It emphasised to me the importance of a human connection in areas of business – whether it’s for your customers or your team. … Read more

Keeping productivity high – stick to your promises

Productivity - keeping promisesJob performance is directly linked to happiness. The happier the worker the more motivated, productive and engaged with the job they are. And a happy leader creates a more positive working environment for everybody else – meaning that happiness … Read more

Take a moment to stop and reflect

self reflectionAs the year draws to a close and we all wind down for the festive period now is a good a time to stop for a moment and reflect on the past year. After all, this is what we do … Read more

A few tips for a better work-life balance

Work life balanceDid you know that the Danish have the highest levels of job satisfaction and satisfaction with work-life balance in Europe? And that here in the UK our levels of job satisfaction and satisfaction with work-life balance are comparable to those … Read more

Flexible working = good news for employee engagement

Flexible working will increase employee engagementFlexible working is not just for new mums anymore. The Prime Minister has announced this week that all employees will be able to request it – which is great news for employee engagement. However, it … Read more

How self aware are you?

Have you ever known a leader who just doesn’t seem to realise the effect that he or she has on people?
I see it all the time – bosses who can bring down the mood in an entire room merely through … Read more

Shouldn’t all of our leaders be women by now?

The landscape of leadership has changed rapidly in recent years. With multiple corporate scandals and the explosion of social media making every move that our leaders make much more visible, leaders can no longer function as ‘lone decision makers’. … Read more

Managers are people too!

Research from Edgecumbe Consulting shows that 40% of managers do more harm than good. 40%! That’s high!
It seems like a ridiculously high figure but, thinking about it, I have experienced my fair share of poor management. Take, for example, one … Read more

Surprise yourself – don’t sit in your comfort zone

I recently enrolled on a course to learn Spanish. I wasn’t sure what level class I belonged in – I’ve never formally studied Spanish but I have been to Spain a few times and know a few everyday phrases. … Read more

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