How openness and vulnerability are key to creating innovative businesses, and why fear does the exact opposite

Whatever industry, sector or business size you work in, how people feel at work will determine their ability to perform at their best and deliver results. So why do so many organisations use fear as a motivator, when it has such a negative impact on people’s emotions and therefore their … Read more

Why taking the time to press the pause button could give your senior leaders the business advantage they are looking for

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How to stop the exodus of your most talented employees

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) describes talent within an organisation as ‘those individuals who can make

Leadership Development – By inspiring a shared vision

What does employee engagement look like to you? Is it seeing that your people are eager to learn and develop their talents? Or seeing that they consistently do more than that which is expected of them? Or maybe it’s just seeing that they are happy in work? The CIPD describes … Read more

Unconscious bias – The thinking behind bias and business

Bias is a significant element of what makes us human and quite simply it can be considered as individual preference and the manner in which we navigate our daily existence. Our biases operate at cognitive, emotional, relational and behavioural level and resonate with our values, beliefs and identity. Whilst bias … Read more

How to make sure leadership and talent development programmes are a success

So you have decided to go ahead with a leadership or talent development programme? You’ve chosen something that is engaging, challenging and tailored to the delegates’ needs. And you’ve ensured that it will provide them with all the knowledge and skills to become successful leaders. But how do you make … Read more