Pressing the pause button: Exploring the benefits of giving leaders the time and space to reflect

In this webinar we cover how time away from the office with time to think and reflect has a really positive effect on how leaders perform and their ability to make decisions and judgements.

Are you treating your learners as adults or children?

Does it really matter how you deliver training content?

We’ll explore lessons from the Mind, Brain and Education movement, and using current thinking and science from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and education we’ll discuss how best to design learning programmes for adults.

A fresh approach to executive coaching

Given that executive coaching can transform how leaders operate, how come coaching is not made more available in most businesses?

There are lots of reasons why, and we’ll be covering many of them in this webinar.

How accessing ‘safe brain’ can create resilient leaders and organisations

Modern corporate life has seen a steady rise in stress levels, resulting in ‘threat brain’ responses – where behavioural choices are reduced to three options – fight, flight or freeze.

In this webinar we explore the dangers of ‘threat brain’ and the business benefits of leaders accessing their ‘safe brain’.

Unconscious bias

Our biases help us to make sense of the world in which we live. Whilst the positive benefits of bias offer speed, efficiency and inclusion; negative biases can generate exclusion, narrow-mindedness and rigidity.

In this webinar we explore conscious and unconscious bias and the impact it can have on organisations.

Storytelling: How leaders inspire and engage their people 

Most organisations go through change. Often this requires people to act in unfamiliar, and sometimes unwelcome ways. It’s the leader’s skill in telling the story that will create the willingness to bring about change.

In this webinar we cover what storytelling is; the benefits of storytelling; how to build trust, engagement, willingness and action; and how to tell compelling stories.

Why emotional literacy is the key to great leadership

In this webinar we explore that difference between emotional intelligence and emotional literacy and examine how, by understanding it, it can be a real gamer changer for leaders.

We look at the benefits of improving leaders’ awareness of emotions and show how this can develop more productive, harmonious working relationships.

How conscious leadership can deliver better outcomes for your business

This webinar is about raising leaders’ consciousness of their own behaviours impact.

We provide valuable takeaways along with some real insight into the latest thinking about consciousness and the positive impact that comes from raising leaders’ consciousness.

The science behind learning in the outdoors

If research tells us that learning in an inspirational outdoor environment delivers the best outcomes, what are we still doing in the classroom?

This thought provoking webinar delves into the science behind learning in the outdoors, exploring theories such as Attention Restoration Theory how the natural environment impacts on cognitive functioning.

The impact of the natural environment on learning

Learning in the outdoors has a profound effect on how people learn – enabling them to reflect more deeply and therefore make significant behavioural change.

In this webinar we combine our findings from many months of research with an interview with Nielsen’s Business Development Director and Farscape expedition delegate.