How a motivational speaker can be a game changer

September 23rd, 2014

Team talkThere will always be important messages that your company will need to deliver to its employees. From telling the sales team that they need to increase their sales performance, to the announcement of a merger or acquisition. How can you ensure that after hearing these messages your people come away feeling motivated, inspired and even excited about what is about to happen? And how can you ensure that you get the outcomes that you want from your event?

A great motivational speaker can make all the difference. A motivational speaker will inspire and excite, but a great motivational speaker should do much more – they should ensure that whatever messages you are delivering are summarised in such a way to ensure you get the outcomes from the events that the business needs.

So what should a great motivational speaker do to achieve this?


Tailor the message

While it may be entertaining and engaging to hear exciting stories from people with a wealth of experience, without relating these experiences back to your company’s desired outcomes, they remain merely exciting stories. A motivational speaker should not have a ‘one size fits all speech’ but one that can be tailored to any situation.

Address each individual

Alongside tailoring their talk to your outcomes, a great motivational speaker will be able to address the aspirations of all the individuals in the audience. If they can in some way move each person with their story, the learning that each individual gets out of it will be much more personal and therefore it is more likely to be remembered and acted upon.  This is an exceptional skill to master.

Detail the ‘how’

A great motivational speaker will not only draw together the desired outcomes from the event, but they will provide a detailed plan as how to achieve these. Using their experience as examples of how to achieve extraordinary things, a motivational speaker should leave an audience feeling that they know how they will also achieve extraordinary things.

Inspire a shared vision

A great motivational speaker will use their story to unite your people with your company’s vision and values. The ability to move an entire audience to support common goals while encouraging them to reach their own personal goals is a unique skill.


Good news or bad, it’s motivated people that are going to deliver the results the company needs. Whatever the message you’re delivering, pulling all the strands together at the end is what can make all the difference, and that’s what a truly inspirational motivational speaker can do.

By Emma Webb