Bespoke programmes

People development programmes. Surely we should define the outcomes first?

What are your organisation's challenges?

- Dysfunctional teams
- Leaders operating at a low level - perhaps below what's expected of them?
- Poor communication styles leading to discord
- Lack of confidence in delivering feedback to teams, peers and leaders
- Reactive rather than proactive leadership styles
- Lacking in strategic thinking

We know people development is driven, either through the desire to develop individuals and teams, or from the need to resolve existing issues and problems.

Before we can create a programme, we need to be curious and we need to listen. We need to learn more about your organisation, and of course the challenges and requirements you have.

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Coaching for perfectionists, sceptics, and risk-takers

Coaching creates the space to explore and face the challenges of leadership within a unique one-to-one relationship.

Great coaching requires a combination of the right relationship, the right time and the right place, alongside clear personal and business objectives. But it's often not that simple.

Perhaps the traditional coaching model isn't right for you when there's a more immediate need. Or maybe a coaching surgery could deliver the value you need in your business. Read on for all the options.

Coaching at Farscape

I may have finished my sessions, but the techniques, the thought process, all the things I learnt, still go on today. I feel comfortable in my skin, with who I am and not who I thought I should be - coaching was one of the most profound things offered to me and would recommend to anyone to take that opportunity.
Andrea Clack
Head of Internal Audit, Panasonic
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Overseas learning experiences

It’s not about the physical challenge, it’s about having the time to stop and reflect.

Morocco, Croatia, Costa Rica, even Wales, it could be anywhere. Taking people away from familiar, often distracting environments and immersing them in an unfamiliar, sometimes challenging destination creates a fabulous opportunity for learning.

Our experience proves that outdoor learning is hugely beneficial, but what is the science behind this? Research from Allan and McKenna et al. (2012, p.5) has shown that “the multi-sensory nature of outdoor environments has a profound impact upon brain function and adaptation.” They state that the brain has learned to draw meaning from layers of meaning derived from incoming stimuli, providing “the bedrock for behavioural adaptation and sustainable growth.”

Our overseas learning experiences create the time to stop, reflect and think. It’s a place where real, long lasting change can take place.

Morocco Overseas Learning Experience

It’s been phenomenal. I think you offer something really, really special and unique and I’ve never seen or heard anything like this before. I think it’s an excellent, excellent way for leaders to really start to think about who they are and how they lead. I’m not sure I’d want to do it in any other environment.
Nicola Dunne
Ex Assistant Chief Executive and CPO, UK Shared Business Services
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Senior intact team development

If teams are dysfunctional the organisation suffers. How does your business stack up?

Wherever there’s a team, there’s usually dysfunction of some sort. And often the more senior the team - that’s the Board, the directors and other senior players - the more personalities, egos, and agendas there are, and the more dysfunction there can be.

And these behaviours don’t go unnoticed in the business. They filter down and often pervade the entire operation!

Senior intact team development. What we mean.

I’ve been able to understand how some of the behavioural and commercial elements of leadership can be used in any situation so it’s easy to transfer back into the workplace.
Lisa Brennan
Head of Organisational Development, Doosan
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Online Programmes

L&D programmes delivered in the virtual arena. Can that really work?

“Wow, this really is different, and my team thought so too – we’ve had nothing but praise for Collaborate – Live. It really pushed us, and we like that. And it really shocked me how bad we were at communicating! It really was a live, interactive and immersive experience.”

Live problem-solving tasks delivered in a virtual environment (online) where participants take part from their own remote location. The tasks have been specifically designed to give participants a truly visceral experience that explores the behaviours and emotions of operating in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations.

The experience is further heightened by the necessity of communicating using different digital formats and mediums and the often-unhelpful behaviours that are generated when groups have to collaborate at pace in a virtual space.

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Often we hear the words “we know what we need”, and we've discovered that many organisations don't.

A successful Training Needs Analysis (TNA) sweeps away the perceptions and obstacles that hinder the delivery of the true training needs of the organisation. Senior leaders and employees feel heard, and this creates the buy-in required to deliver effective training programmes.

Our USP. Time for a smile!

Working with Farscape has been great. It’s been a really positive experience. There has been feedback both ways in creating a finished article, which has really worked.
Martin Nichols
L&D Manager, Womble Bond Dickinson
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