Great coaching requires a combination of the right relationship, the right time and the right place, alongside clear personal and business objectives. By paying attention to each of these elements, we are able to offer coaching that will deliver what you need, when you need it. These are the different approaches that we can take – we can create a coaching experience that is based around just one of these approaches, or a combination of them all.

Executive Coaching

Challenging yet supportive one-to-one coaching, with the time to focus and reflect.

Sometimes someone needs support and challenge over a period of time, in order to help them make a specific behavioural change, prepare for a new role, support them in an existing role or build their confidence.

Working with a coach over a minimum of six months allows them to explore issues and challenges deeply. The unique and intimate relationship that they have with their coach allows them to access and unblock obstacles to success and also offers confidential, unbiased support, whilst still paying attention to the objectives that have been set by the business.


Sometimes the tradition coaching model can't deliver results quickly enough.

Every now and then an issue emerges which needs dealing with quickly and the more traditional approach to coaching over a six-month period may take too long.

Intensive coaching is a way of immersing the coach and coachee in the issue that they are focused on over a 12, 24 or even 48 hour period. Coaching in this intensive way allows people to keep revisiting the issue after periods of reflection and has been proven to deliver results, fast. It takes skill, experience and practice to support this kind of coaching exploration – skill and experience that our coaches have in abundance.

Paying attention to the coaching environment is also crucial – identifying places that will be conducive to unlocking people’s imagination, away from anchors to negative patterns of behaviour or the issue itself. This could be walking in the mountains, along the coast, in a park or even sat in a room with a great view – all of these places stimulate a different part of the brain and support the exploration of challenges and issues in a safe environment.


How can more of the team have access to a rewarding coaching experience?

Coaching doesn’t just have to be focused on one or two of your most senior leaders. From our experience, offering coaching earlier in someone’s career can have a profound impact on the decisions that they make and the way they develop.

Coaching surgeries create a way of giving access to coaching to more people within your organisation. The coach can meet with a number of people in one day, depending on the length of the coaching offered. And because they are there for the day, it’s more cost effective for your business.

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Telephone coaching offers a uniquely different experience, often with different outcomes

Coaching doesn’t just have to be face-to-face. Sometimes time, travel and geography are prohibitive and this doesn’t need to get in the way of offering your people the support that they need.

Telephone based coaching creates a different kind of focus. People are able to pay attention to the challenges that they wish to discuss, without distraction, and our coaches are experienced at building rapport and listening for subtle signs and signals when relationships aren’t face-to-face. For many people, telephone coaching can also be a great addition to face-to-face coaching as it can offer more immediate support when an issue arises.

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Coaching at Farscape


Our USP. Time for a smile!


How does the coaching environment affect the outcomes?

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