Throughout the ages, and across cultures, philosophers, poets, nature writers, and outdoor enthusiasts have extolled the mentally rejuvenating and uplifting power of nature. But what of the science? To what extent is the 2-million-year relationship with the natural environment imprinted in our neurones, and to what extent does nature immersion and deprivation work for and against the individual? (Selhub and Logan, 2012. Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality)

What’s the impact of an overseas learning experience? The best place to start would be to look at the videos below. Listen to what our clients have to say!

The outcomes you might expect are many and dependent on the clients’ needs for the business. Here is a guide:

Be more adaptable – a different and unfamiliar environment pushes people, helping them flex, adapt and manage unfamiliar situations.

Be more confident in their abilities – the lack of amenities helps the participants to become more confident in their own abilities to manage and succeed, regardless of the challenges encountered.

Be more able to resolve conflict – different surroundings and uniquely different challenges push delegates to communicate, cope and negotiate without conflict.

Make better decisions – different problems, challenging issues that are different from normal workplace issues help delegates develop the skills to make better informed decisions.

Be more creative – Away from the norm, and with dramatically different stimuli, delegates have the mental space to think differently and more creatively, with perhaps innovative answers to old problems.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any programme is the quality of the facilitation. Our overseas learning experiences are never off-the-shelf, and are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the organisation we’re working with. And our team of facilitators need to be the best.

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