Wherever there’s a team, there’s usually dysfunction of some sort. And often the more senior the team – that’s the Board, the directors and other senior players – the more personalities, egos and agendas there are, and the more dysfunction there can be.

And these behaviours don’t go unnoticed in the business. They filter down and often pervade the entire operation!

This lack of consistent leadership, often with mixed messages, leads to poor staff morale and uncertainty, which can in turn result in low staff retention and bad customer experiences.

This isn’t the place for a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a dedicated coaching approach to build awareness and trust. After all, just like the individuals, each senior team is unique.

World class facilitation is key to achieving the necessary buy-in from the senior team if real and lasting behavioural change is to be achieved.

How do we know what’s needed?

We need to be curious and we need to listen. And we also need to recognise that it’s only through a thorough needs analysis that we can deliver a programme, along with measurable outcomes, that will deliver the changes that will make a genuine difference within the senior team and therefore the rest of the business.

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