We believe that any organisation that’s serious about their training needs and the outcomes they want, requires some genuine and thorough insight first.

Often, ingrained thinking and politics get in the way of uncovering what’s needed in an organisation in order to deliver the change that will actually make a difference in how people perform and develop.

A successful Training Needs Analysis (TNA) sweeps away the perceptions and obstacles that hinder the delivery of the true training needs of the organisation. Senior leaders and employees feel heard, and this creates the buy-in required to deliver effective training programmes.

We believe that this journey needs to be driven by a coaching approach, where we’re facilitating and guiding the process of enquiry and discovery. And it’s only through this methodology that we’ll get to a place where we all understand the organisations’ needs.

Our TNA will help define, or perhaps re-define, an organisations’ objectives and needs and crucially, this means that outcomes can be measured. It’s the first step in creating a bespoke programme for the organisation.

We don’t deliver off-the-shelf programmes. We’re curious and inquisitive because your organisation isn’t like any other.

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